Troubles in Bear Land


Exclusive PUZZLES of
Joan White artwork

Made in La Crosse, WI, USA

513 pieces, puzzle size = 16" x 20"
Packaged in sturdy, attractive cardboard box

Glory Puzzle


Sharing the Kingdom

by Joan White $32.50; shipping - $7.00

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Glory Puzzle


by Joan White $32.50; shipping - $7.00

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Blood Moon Eclipse Puzzle

Blood Moon Eclipse
by Joan White $32.50; shipping - $7.00

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A Place to Heal puzzle

A Place to Heal
by Joan White $32.50; shipping - $7.00

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Dream River

Dream River
by Joan White $32.50; shipping - $7.00

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Uncertain Future

Uncertain Future
by Joan White $32.50; shipping - $7.00

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for $175.00

Pictures in Wood

full color, 60 page, soft cover book featuring artwork of Joan White from 1991-2009

Pictures in Wood Book

Large, high quality color images with original sketches and comments from the artist's journal.

Available now for $24.99 (US) $3.00 S/H

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"I have been an admirer, customer and friend of Joanʼs since 1992. To date I have 90 pieces of her work. I will always admire and love Joan for her work and for her caring for our environment, earth and all creatures here..."

- Karen & Bill Mueller
Downers Grove, IL


"If you enjoy nature and art, you have to experience the talents of Joan White. As summer residents of Lakewood, WI, we have frequented her studio numerous times over the last 20 years. She provided a second dimension to her studio by including
rustic frames which truly enhanced her works of art. Her husband Ken has a talent for woodworking and the two works of wood go hand in hand to compliment each other.You have to "see it" to "believe it."

Joe & Phyllis DeLorme
Sheboygan, WI


"Kevin and I have been friends with Joan and collectors of her work for about 20 years. When we visit Joan in her studio, I enjoy opportunities to see a painting in its early stages, and later if Iʼm lucky, as a finished work. I look at the sketch she has begun with and try to see the animals that she has found in the wood. I donʼt know how she does it, but Joan manages to see the animals in the wood ahead of time and then brings them out. She also captures a rich three-dimensional depth through the natural landscape surrounding her subjects, always fitting the environments within the flow of the woodgrain.

Joan is much more than a talented artist. Joan is a gifted and perceptive human being who captures something extraordinary in the subjects she paints so well; she manages to see and reflect their soul and spirit in her work. I look into the eyes of her animals
and I see individuals."

- Tom Winn & Kevin Springob


"My husband Danny and I have become huge collectors and treasure each and ever piece that we own, around 20 pieces now. From our largest piece which measures over 5' across to the beautiful framed prints with the one of a kind incredible frames created by Joan's husband Ken White. Joan's work can also now be seen in my office where one of my most treasured pieces resides. This piece spoke to me of my life and the loved ones that have gone before me. Thank you so much Joan for touching my life!"

- Cathy Becks, Executive Vice President
PCM Credit Union, Green Bay, WI


"I am an avid collector of Joan White's work because she uses her artistic gifts and insight to flawlessly blend the wildlife art genre with nature's raw materials, creating a natural wonder on a natural wonder. Having the opportunity to buy Joan's gallery quality, original artwork at prices that are within reach of my middle-class income seems too good to be true."

- Scott M. Jauman, Corcoran, Minnesota


"I treasure every piece of art I have from Joan. Her artistic talent brings
nature to life, creating her vision from the wood's character. Whether
the picture captures a moment in time or brings nature together with a
spiritual reverence, her technique brings each subject to life. Every
brushstroke adds a depth to the picture that I appreciate every time I linger to admire the details. I feel fortunate not only to own some of Joan's work but to have observed the creative process first hand."

- Donna & Kent Langman
Manitowoc, WI


"I first came to know of Joan White's art from prints I began finding in
lodges and decorator's pamphlets. Intrigued by the intricate depictions, I began to research after buying a few prints. When finally I was able to feast my eyes on some of Joan's original art where slices of wood are turned into beautiful works of art, I was immediately impressed and have remained a collector forevermore. The pieces I have are eyemagnets for all visitors who stroll by, they are transcendent beacons for the spirit of nature."

- John Woodruff,
CasAmerica International Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico


"I first met Joan about 10 years ago at a log home show. I was very intrigued with the painting of the animals and different faces mixed in with the grain of the wood. I thought it was very interesting how the gain and imperfections in the wood were used as part of the animal. I only bought 1 painting the first show but over the years I would be the first person at her booth on opening day. Over the years I have purchased 30 paintings, some large and some small. All the paintings have been enjoyed by myself and everyone that sees them. People are amazed by the way the grain is used to create the animals."

- Kevin Hoover, Site Technical Assistant
Kuhns Brothers Log Homes
Freeburg, PA


"Dear Joan, About 15 years ago we met at a Log Home show in Valley Forge PA. Then I was very impressed from your Artwork when I purchased the first four (4) pieces of art from you. Today, over eighty (80) pieces of Artwork later, I appreciate your artwork even more. Many of these pieces of art of yours, are decorating walls in several countries in Europe in homes of friends and business partners offices as well as my own in the USA and Switzerland. They all get greatest admiration for the uniqueness of your work. My Family and I are in deep admiration of you and your outstanding and very unique work from Themes around the world. As you can imagine, I will not stop quite yet to get more of your artwork. Just keep it coming. Most of my friends enjoyed the pieces of your work I gave them as house warming, wedding and birthday gifts and enjoy them every day."

- Warm Regards
Edmund Leopold
Walton Hills, Ohio


"For us your work reminds us of a wildlife encounter that we've had. When I look at one of your pieces hanging on my cabin wall I remember the day we came across the fawn
curled up hiding in the tall grass. And I remember the day we saw the Tom turkey in full regalia strutting his stuff. Your pieces are memories, beautifully and magically painted
on wood, brought into my home. I feel like we have found an artist that does justice to Mother Nature."

- Many thanks,
Heidi Smith
Oakland, Maryland


"There is something special and unique about Joan White's ability to
depict images thru art on wood. The dozen works I have purchased
reflect a variety of elements all relating back to a respect for nature. Few artists have attempted to use this medium to tell a story-fewer still have mastered it like Joan White."

- Leo W. Mack, Jr.
Physician, Tyler, Texas


"Joan White's unique and creative artistic work on wood has been very
special to us and is a constant reminder of our family's specific ties to nature's environment. These ties date back more than 100 years. We have been reminded of them over the past 20 years through our 30
piece collection of Joan's work. We have also taken great joy in giving
various pieces as gifts to family and friends. Our pieces vary in size
and their focus is generally on the environs of loons, bald eagles, deer
and the other inhabitants of our local lakes and forests.

- Bill and Sue Holt
Hinsdale, Illinois


"My name is Keith and I work as an Accounts Receivable Manager for a
large promotional products company and my wife Kim works as an
Audiologist Assistant. We live in West Bend, Wisconsin. We have known Joan since 2005 and we are the proud owners of five original pieces. Each piece that Joan paints is unique and is truly one of a kind.

Anyone who sees our collection is amazed how stunning and artistic the pieces are. Joan is very professional and is a pleasure to work with. When we commissioned Joan to paint the Tree of Mystery and African Sunset, she took the time to understand what we wanted and helped us to see our
vision of the final piece. They both turned out beautifully.

Besides the heart and soul that Joan puts into every piece, she sometimes
paints in little hidden animals, which are fun to find! Along with that, each piece has a story about what inspired her painting. The web site pictures, while very nice, do not due justice compared to the actual artwork--in person, they are magnificent! You will not be disappointed if you purchase a Joan White piece!

In the future, we look forward to working with Joan on additional pieces for our collection."

-Keith Downer


"We recently purchased 'Dating Game' and once again we're enchanted by the artwork. The artist has not only selected natural wood that has outstanding characteristics, she has suffused it with nature's mystery of life. The colors and contours of each animal are enhanced by the wood's grain. We enjoy finding new animals/intrigue with each new picture the artist paints. She is immensely talented! Her artwork finds numerous admirers in our home with each guest. Thank you!"

-J Laughlin



Original Artwork

Welcome! See how Joan brings an ordinary piece of wood to life! View the before and after photos to see the transformation.

Online ordering is unavailable for Joan's original paintings because each creation is one of a kind.

To PURCHASE a Joan White original, please contact the artist directly via email or phone at (715) 276-6464 to see if the item is still available.




Foxy Babes

Foxy Babes SOLD

Original oil painting on Cherry Burl - 8" x 10" - $1,200



Before - Foxy Babes

Raw wood before painting

Pure Gold

Pure Gold

Original oil painting on birch - 4" x 7" - $745

Before - Pure Gold Raw wood before painting


Look Who's Looking

(Click on image above for enlarged view)

Original oil painting on Maple Slice - 10-1/2" x 17" - $1,950


Before - Look Who's Looking

Raw wood before painting


Moose Medley

Moose Medley

Original oil painting on Maple Burl - 20" x 20" - $3,250

  • (See an enlarged view from these 2 images)



Before - Flow of Life

Raw wood before painting


Ancient Ones

Original oil painting on maple- 6-1/2" x 5" - $425

Flow of Life

Flow of Life SOLD

Original oil painting on Black Cherry Burl - 23" x 42" - $6,950



Before - Flow of Life Raw wood before painting


Sharing the Kingdom SOLD

Original oil painting on maple burl - 19" x 22" - $5,600

(See an enlarged view from these 2 images)


Before - Autumn Raw wood before painting



Autumn SOLD

Original oil painting on aspen burl - 7" x 16" - $2,650

(See an enlarged view from these 2 images)


Before - Autumn Raw wood before painting

Facing the Future

Facing the Future 

Original oil painting on cedar burl - 18" x 17" - $1,650

(See an enlarged view from these 2 images)


Before - Marsh Eruption Raw wood before painting